Flower Names for Boys: A Unique and Meaningful Choice for Your Baby

Flower Names for Boys

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is no easy feat. You want a name that not only sounds good but also has a meaningful and special significance. One option that you may not have considered is a flower name for your little one. Yes, you read that right – flowers name aren’t just for girls anymore! Here are some great flower names for boys that are not only unique but also have a rich history and symbolism behind them.

Flower Names for Boys: A Unique and Meaningful Choice for Your Baby

  1. Sage: While sage is often thought of as a herb, it is also a flower that blooms in shades of purple and pink. It symbolizes wisdom, strength, and healing, making it a great choice for a baby boy’s name.

  2. Ash: The ash tree has long been associated with strength, endurance, and protection. As a flower name, it is unique and memorable.
  3. Rowan: The rowan tree is a symbol of protection, strength, and courage. The name Rowan is perfect for a little boy who is sure to grow up to be a brave and strong individual.
  4. Aster: The aster flower symbolizes patience, love, and wisdom. It’s a great name for a baby boy who is destined to be thoughtful and kind.
  5. Hawthorn: Hawthorn is a flower that symbolizes protection, love, and endurance. It’s a great choice for a baby boy who is sure to be a loyal and protective friend.
  6. Linden: The linden tree is known for its healing properties, making it a symbol of health, vitality, and renewal. The name Linden is a great choice for a baby boy who is sure to grow up to be strong and healthy.
  7. Briar: The briar rose is a symbol of love, innocence, and beauty. As a boy’s name, it is unique and unexpected.
  8. Heath: The heather flower symbolizes admiration, good luck, and protection. It’s a great choice for a baby boy who is sure to be loved and admired by all who know him.
  9. Hyacinth: The hyacinth flower is a symbol of rebirth, spring, and new beginnings. As a name for a baby boy, it is unique and full of promise.
  10. Oleander: While the oleander flower is poisonous, it is also a symbol of strength, resilience, and endurance. As a name, it is unique and memorable.

50 Flower Names for Boys: A Unique and Meaningful Choice for Your Baby


Flower Name in English Meaning
Acacia Resurrection, purity
Alder Strength, endurance, protection
Anemone Anticipation, fragile, graceful
Ash Strength, endurance, protection
Aster Love, patience, wisdom
Azalea Fragile, gratitude, passion
Basil Good wishes, love, fertility
Bay Victory, glory, honor
Birch Renewal, beginnings, cleansing
Briar Beauty, innocence, love
Camellia Gratitude, perfection, loveliness
Cedar Abundance, strength, healing
Clover Good luck, happiness, prosperity
Cypress Immortality, strength, protection
Dahlia Elegance, dignity, inner strength
Dogwood Strength, resilience, durability
Fern Sincerity, humility, fascination
Fir Immortality, endurance, strength
Flax Wealth, happiness, protection
Hawthorn Endurance, protection, love
Heather Admiration, good luck, protection
Holly Protection, goodwill, happiness
Hyacinth Rebirth, spring, new beginnings
Iris Faith, wisdom, courage
Ivy Fidelity, friendship, endurance
Juniper Protection, healing, love
Lavender Serenity, grace, elegance
Linden Vitality, healing, renewal
Lotus Enlightenment, purity, rebirth
Magnolia Dignity, perseverance, love
Maple Strength, endurance, protection
Myrtle Love, peace, prosperity
Nettle Courage, strength, protection
Oak Strength, endurance, protection
Oleander Resilience, endurance, strength
Olive Peace, harmony, wisdom
Orchid Beauty, love, luxury
Peony Honor, wealth, romance
Pine Endurance, longevity, wisdom
Poppy Sleep, restfulness, peace
Quince Happiness, prosperity, love
Rowan Protection, courage, strength
Sage Wisdom, strength, healing
Saffron Vitality, courage, happiness
Sequoia Longevity, strength, resilience
Spruce Prosperity, strength, resilience
Sumac Vitality, energy, passion
Tansy Health, longevity, immortality
Thistle Independence, strength, resilience
Willow Flexibility, resilience, grace

These flower names for boys are not only unique and meaningful but also have a rich history and symbolism behind them. Choose the perfect flower name that resonates with you and your baby boy’s personality.

Incorporating a flower name into your baby boy’s name is a great way to give him a unique and meaningful name that is sure to stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose a name based on its symbolism or simply because you like the sound of it, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Just remember to choose a name that feels right for your little one and that you will both love for years to come.

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