What Is A Rajnigandha Flower? -

What Is A Rajnigandha Flower?

What Is A Rajnigandha Flower?

The botanical name of tuberose is Polianthes Tuberosa; Tuberose originated in the country of Mexico. At present it is also being grown commercially in India, mainly in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Maharashtra.

Tuberose flowers remain fresh for a long time. Hence they are used for making garlands, decorating vases, and as bouquets. Oil is also extracted from these flowers, its tuberose oil is called. The quantity of aromatic products and perfumes is increasing in the market, so tuberose cultivation is being done more widely.

The length of tuberose plants is from 23 to 45 inches. In which there are 5 to 10 leaves, the length of these leaves is 10 to 15 inches. The color of the leaves is green and shiny. The color of tuberose flowers is white, when it is in bud form, its color is light green, after blooming it changes to pure white color. This flower has 15 to 18 petals. When the flowers are in full bloom, they give off a very sweet fragrance.

Species of Tuberose

Tuberose genus of Polianthes Tuberosa, within which there are a total of fifteen species. Of which twelve species are found in Central America and Mexico. Of these, two species have red flowers, one is white and the other nine have white flowers.

How to Plant Rajnigandha Flower?

  • To plant tuberose plant, you first need its good and healthy bulb.
  • After picking the bulb you should choose a good and fertile soil.
  • After preparing the soil, take a large pot, at the bottom of which it is necessary to have a hole in the center.
  • Never plant any plant in a pot without a hole.
  • After taking the pot, fill the soil in it and press it well, so that no air remains inside the soil.
  • After this you should plant your tuberose bulb in a pot.
  • One last thing that should be taken care of while planting the bulb is that the top of the bulb should remain about an inch above the soil.
  • After planting the bulb in the pot, fill it with plenty of water.
  • Keep the pot in a shady place until the plant starts growing from inside the bulb.
  • The plant will grow in about a month, and it will start flowering in two months.

What is The best time to plant Rajnigandha Flower?

Rajnigandha bulbs are best planted in early spring after the last frost, but this requires a warm climate with a growing season at least 4 months long.

What is ideal Soil for Rajnigandha flower?

  • This plant should always be planted in fertile soil.
  • To make soil, you should mix 80% normal soil, 10% sand and 10% vermicompost well.

How Much Sun Does Rajnigandha Need?

Plant in a location that gets full sun for about 6 to 8 hours during the day. Rajanigandha is native to hot climates, and will only need to be moved to bright partial shade if it shows signs of withering or drying before the end of the growing season.

How Much Water Does This Plant Need?

In the beginning, water should be given in plenty.

Caring Tips Of Rajnigandha Flower Plant:

  • Tuberose plant does not require much care.
  • Twice in a month, one teaspoon of urea fertiliser should be mixed in one litre of water in tuberose plant and put it in the root of the plant.
  • Apart from this, if any kind of disease occurs on the leaves of the plant, then for this, neem oil should be sprayed with water.

How to preserve Rajnigandha Flower bulb:

  • When the tuberose plant stops flowering, the leaves above it begin to wither.
  • When the leaves of the plant begin to wither, you should cut off all the leaves leaving about an inch from the ground.
  • After cutting the leaves, pull all the bulbs out of the soil.
  • After the bulbs are removed from the soil, they should be dried in the shade by placing them in a mesh pot or a basket.
  • After a few days, all the seeds of Rajnigandha the bulb will be completely clean, the roots around it will dry out.
  • When all the roots from the bulb are dry and broken, then you can take care of them and keep them for planting next year.

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